Mews, Founder


He studied philosophy at University College London, where he unsuccessfully tried to set up a gallery. After returning to the Czech Republic, he helped in the family business, which focuses on the hotel industry and development. Later, he started building the five-star hotel Emblem in the center of Prague. Together with the Dutchman Matthijs Well, he founded the start-up Mews in 2012, which set itself the goal of modernizing hotel systems. In 2019, the start-up received an investment of 770 million crowns from the Battery Ventures fund as part of the Series B investment round. In total, the company collected almost a billion from investors. Today, the Mews system is used by around 1,600 hotels in 62 countries. Last November, Mews announced the acquisition of the Base7booking system for real estate management mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.