Lukáš Matějka (2)


Lundegaard, Head of Fast Data and AI

TOPIC: Individualizované doporučování produktů v reálném čase pro e-commerce, založené na ML a chování uživatelů.

I’m highly internally motivated with strong IT background, experienced in software development with a background in project management, consultation, presales and business. I have a passion for improvement and adoption of new knowledge and skills, always ready to learn something new. I’m open-minded and constantly driving a change. I’m also valued by my colleagues for strong strategic thinking and ability to set directions, make recommendations and decisions. I’m always heading toward goals, keep them in mind with high degree of commitment and persistence. I help to build highly motivated teams as I’m a strong supporter and good coach with strong interest in others. I regard treating people with respect, as I believe that more respected people feel, more productive they can be and aim for the best.